Who Are The Two Lit Mamas?

Margie and Heather at Plymouth Rock

Heather and Margie are two moms who met in a graduate writing class at Butler University a million years ago. That was so long ago that Heather’s son was still free of facial hair and sans driver’s license and Margie’s oldest son was working on tying his shoes and her second son was still a bun in the oven. When a young classmate’s writing mocked the brilliance of Def Leppard and both Margie and Heather immediately came to the hair band’s defense, a spark emerged. Being the only two in the class who had actually danced to Def Leppard at their junior proms and who could commiserate on the horrors of little boys and toilet seats, the bond was quickly formed. However, when the two learned they shared an insane love of middle grade literature, their fate was sealed and they’ve been together ever since.

When Margie’s family was relocated to Boston two years ago for her husband’s job, the dynamic duo feared for their future. That’s when Heather had the brilliant idea to turn their coffee clatch book chats and wine-fueled writing symposiums into a pod cast. With three sons in three different age groups, the two cover a lot of ground in homework reading alone. Add to that Heather’s life teaching pre-school and Margie’s long history as a middle school teacher and these Def Leppard loving broads have a lot to talk about and they love sharing all of it – with you, the listeners.

Note, the recommendations and commentary on all books discussed are solely the opinions of the hosts. And though they believe their opinions to be supreme, it’s perfectly fine to disagree and they would love to hear from you as long as you’re not nasty.