Join the Two Lit Mamas 2023 Reading Challenge!

The Mamas are excited to have listeners join them in their quest to read 24 books or more in 2023! So if you’ve resolved to read more Middle Grade books with your kids or on your own, check out the list below. The challenge follows the podcast topics for each month so you can add to the fun by listening to the Mamas as they share their reads and discuss current trends in books for your favorite 8-13 years olds.


Book 1: Choose a new series and read the first book in that series

Book2: Walk on the wild side with a banned book.


Book 3: Go on a grand adventure with a fantasy book

Book 4: Who did it best? Read any book that was made into a movie


Book 5: Read a Classic written before 1950

Book 6: Get off the planet with a Science Fiction or STEM book


Book 7: Read a book written during the pandemic

Book 8: Short and Sweet, read a short story collection


Book 9: Read a book from your childhood that influenced you

Book 10: Read a book by your favorite author


Book 11: Go on an epic journey

Book 12: Find a book with food in the title


Book 13: Find a book with an MC who has your dream job

Book 14: Read about aliens, any kind


Book 15: Work some magic with a book of magic

Book 16: Whodunit? Grab a mystery and find the perp


Book 17: Read a graphic novel

Book 18: Game on! Read a book that involves a game


Book 19: Read a Latinx author

Book 20: Read something spooky


Book 21: Go international with a book set outside the U.S.

Book 22: Listen to a good audiobook while you’re warming up for the Turkey Trot


Book 23: Get in the spirit with a book about the holidays

Book 24: Free Choice!

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