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Episode 72: Falling Out of Summer

The Mamas are back from summer hiatus and fangirling hard for MPH’s newest book Falling Out of Time, a companion piece to Running Out of Time (for kids aged 8-12). They have a lot to say about the two Middle Grade novels but not until they get caught up after a month off. Hear how the Mamas got kicked out of puppy school and went on wildly inappropriate back-to-school shopping sprees. Stick around to the end, the Mama’s are mixing things up and hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Book Chat:

Falling Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

None of this Would Have Happened if Prince Were Alive by Carolyn Prusa

Episode 69: YA! YA

In this episode, the Mamas ditch Middle Grade books (although their humor remains squarely in Middle School – don’t worry) for Young Adult reads to provide the sweet, stinky teens in your life with recs for fun summer fiction and the perfect high school graduation gift. Then, the Mamas share new Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult recs to add to your TBR pile in preparation for beach or pond-side reading. Enjoy!    

Book Chat:

Eat Your Heart Out by Kelly DeVoss

First-Year Orientation, short story collection edited by Lauren Gibaldi and Eric Smith

Pick 6: Six Books the Mamas Want to Read this Summer

Bea and the New Deal Horse by L.M. Elliot (MG)

Wildseed Witch by Marti Dumas (MG)

Warrior Girl Unearthed by Angeline Boulley (YA)

Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly DeVoss (YA)

The Pisces by Melissa Broder (Adult)

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano (Adult)

Show Links:

Mobile Bookstore: www.blackworldschoolers.com

Episode 63: Happily Ever After

The Mamas went in search of lighthearted, feel-good reads to balance out the important yet difficult Middle Grade stories they’ve been consuming lately. Luckily they found them in a fantasy story and an historical fiction book. So, if you (or your kiddo aged 8-12) need some balance in your reading diet, join the Mamas for a laugh, a little harmless murder, and some happily ever afters.

Middle Grade Book Chat:

The Swifts, a Dictionary of Scoundrels by Beth Lincoln

A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus

Bonus Book Chat: Big Girl Books

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister

The Messy Lives of Book People by Phaedra Patrick

Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

Circe by Madeline Miller 

Episode 56: MG Books to Read in the Dark

The Mamas celebrate spooky season with three books perfect for middle graders (ages 8-12) to read in the dark even if the two middle-aged Mamas read them in bright daylight (insert chicken noises here). The Mamas chat about witches, night beasts and ghosts. Oh my! And, debate if its okay to kill books by DNF-ing them. Listen in to find out who is a serial killer and who is a brain sucking zombie. 

Book Chat:

The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street by Lindsay Currie

Witchlings by Claribel Ortega

The Clackity by Lora Senf  

Episode 49: Adventure on the High Seas

The Mamas dive into the big blue sea with Middle Grade (ages 8-12) seafaring fiction in this episode. Margie chases down her white whale while Heather dives for train treasure. Grab your snorkel and join the fun! We’re in vacay mode on the Two Lit Mamas podcast. 

Book Chat:

Arch of Bone by Jane Yollen

Treasure Tracks by S.A. Rodriguez

Pick 6: The Mamas’ Vacay Reads

  1. My Name is Red by Orham Pamuk
  2. A Passion for Killing by Barbara Nadel
  3. Turkish Delight Mystery Series by Mehmet Murat Somer
  4. The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill 
  5. Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech
  6. Grown & Flown by Lisa Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington

Episode 35: Middle Grade Horror

In the Halloween episode, the Mamas admit they share a brain (FYI, it’s kept in a jar in a mad scientist’s lab). How do they know they share a brain? Because they each picked a Middle Grade horror book from the same author without realizing it. Fortunately, they were creeped out in the best possible way by an author who’s the latest hot horror ticket. Plus, sinister cats! 

Book Chat:

Scritch Scratch by Lindsay Currie

What Lives in the Woods by Lindsay Currie

Pick 6: More scary books for your MG devil babies

1. The Thirteenth Cat by Mary Downing Hahn

2. Root Magic by Eden Royce

3. The Mothman’s Curse by Christine Hayes

4. Nightbooks by J.A. White

5. Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

6. Dead Voices by Katherine Arden

(Bonus) 7. Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

Episode 33: Middle Grade Books for Horse Lovers

Margie hates it but Heather’s inner horsey girl catches her stride in Episode 33 as the Mamas share their childhood memories of horses and explore Middle Grade books and resources in the horsey genre. The Mamas also get on their high horses and rant about banned books. Saddle up and hold on tight!

Book Chat:

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd

The Compton Cowboys by Walter Thompson-Hernandez

Pick 6: Resources for Horse-Themed Learning Activities

  1. Horse Illustrated Online Magazine’s young rider tab
  2. The Equinest
  3. Horseloversmath.com
  4. Horsecrazygirls.com science fair horse project
  5. Przewalski’s Horse at the National Zoo
  6. Stacy Gregg’s Ponies A-Z