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Episode 60: New Year, New Book Series

The Mamas started the New Year on the right foot with middle grade book series about gothic water parks, bubble aliens, and fart jokes! 2023 may or may not be a good year – the Mamas are sneaking in quietly so as not to provoke it – but, whatever the year brings, you can count on the Mamas to bring you book recommendations that the 7-12 year olds in your life will love! 

Book Chat:

The Area 51 Files Series by Julie Buxbaum and Lavanya Naidu

The Sinister Summer Series by Kiersten White

Two Lit Mamas 2023 Reading Challenge: 
Be a Rebel! Find a banned or challenged middle grade book and give it a read. We know you won’t be disappointed. Then listen to the next episode as the Mamas discuss censorship in middle grade.